Dancin’ shoes for G-Pa

Shawn's grandparents

Today I took my 92 year-old G-pa to the mall to find some dancin’ shoes. We started off with lunch at the Olive Garden. G-pa put down; salad, 2 breadsticks, 1 glass of merlot, spinach artichoke dip, lasagna, and he still had room for dessert so we had tiramisu. G-pa was impressed with the cleanliness and the solid construction of the building as well.

Back when G-ma was still alive, we used to eat at the Royal Fork which was torn down to make way for the Olive Garden. It was time for the Fork to go, it had been there too long and was gettin’ a bit skanky. I loved that place when I was a kid because the end of the buffet always had plenty of chocolate cake and I was allowed to go back to the soft serve ice cream dispenser for more choco/vanilla twist as many times as i wanted. Good memories of summers with G-ma and G-pa.

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