22 haiku about a fire

Shawn looking into a kilncold, grey, skies surround
how many is too many?
logs in the fireplace…

gusty winds howling
stack em in there real nice now
combustion begins

crumpled newspaper
sticks and bark peeled off the logs
beetles still inside

bic flicks, paper burns
words escape up the chimney
in ribbons of smoke

stare into the flame
as it ignites the kindling
let the flame breathe now

now something bigger
bigger log make bigger fire
is bigger better?

maybe one more now
I can still fit another

flames getting bigger
much bigger and much hotter
radiating heat

whoa, that’s a big fire
a bit large for the fireplace
wish I was camping

the flames want more air
fireplace doors starting to glow
flue too restrictive

glass shatters from heat
and falls out of the door frame
oxygen pours in

flames get excited
much bigger but not “better”
shit, this is not good

hmmm, what to do now
this could turn out quite badly
if not handled right

fire extinguisher!
pull pin, aim at base of fire
squeeze trigger firmly

white powder shoots out
and smothers the fire quickly
but not completely

extinguisher spent
flames sputtering back to life
bucket of water

looks a bit smoky
drifting down onto Jackson
pours from my chimney

more glass is shattered
as I splash on the water
held by my bucket

hissing and steaming
hot glass melting the carpet
still not quite out yet

another bucket
is filled up at the faucet
and poured on the logs

hissing subsiding
and steaming not so much now
i think it is out

i have made a mess
hot glass, water, and ashes
where is the shop vac

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